Playgroups en inglés con profesoras nativas para bebés

 Playgroups for babies between 1 and 2 years old

La Casita de Ingles offers, in the mornings (and in some of our centers until 4 or 5pm) from Monday to Friday, a close and familiar space, where the babies are exposed to the English language with native teachers through music, movement, play and sensory experience. 
Following the philosophy so characteristic of La casita de Ingles, our goals is that the learning of the language develops naturally while the babies are having fun. 
We have a period of adaptation. Every day we send photos or videos of your kids learning English while having fun and on Fridays we send you a newsletter in which we explain what they have learned.
The group of MINI MOVERS is of 7 babies born in the year of 2018.
The playgroup for this age consists in providing a calm and welcoming atmosphere, where the native teacher can stimulate the children in English with movement, develop their psychomotor skills, teach them songs, practice sensory games and above all take care of them with much affection. 
The other group we call TINY TOTS and is of 7 children born in 2017. 
The playgroup for this age will make the most of both the tireless energy of the toddlers and their eagerness to explore and discover. For this reason, their native teacher will be responsible for promoting their development through dance, initiation to team play, gross and fine psychomotor exercises, interactive storytelling and relaxation.
The schedule is from Monday to Friday: from 9:00am or 10:00am to 1:00pm or to 4:00pm, extendable until 5:00pm in some centers. There is also an option to attend fewer days per week.
To sign up for the free and non-binding trial class, just get in touch with your nearest Casita de Ingles. 

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